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The release of Al-Aqsa responsibility of all
21 Mar 2015 14:15

RUSILA, March 21 - Sheikh Ahmed Ayesh Annajar, permanent ambassador to Malaysia Hamas insists every Muslim must contribute to the liberation of Palestine, especially Al Aqsa mosque from Zionist clutches. While talking in the astral conjunction 'World Scholars in Marang, he reminds Muslims to give a [ ... ]

"I dreamt of solat jamaah with Malaysians at Baitul Maqdis" – Palestine Figure
21 Mar 2015 07:45

March 21, MARANG - Deputy Director of International Relations, Ministry of Higher Education, Gaza, Brother Ahmad Ayesh An-Najjar began his speech by shouting "Ya Quds, Ya Habibi, Ya Baladi, Ya Baladi Salami". He recounts the life of Palestinians is harassed and tortured by the Zionist regime lakn [ ... ]

Tunisia inspired the Arab Spring awakening
21 Mar 2015 05:07

MARANG, 21 March– The speaker from Tunisia, Dr Sohbi represented the An- Nahdhah party and delivered his speech in Rusila, which stated that Tunisia had went through two phases; the first was da’wa movement following with the development of Islam in the country, and second was the political mo [ ... ]

Al-Quran: The Symbol of Ummah Unity
21 Mar 2015 03:37

MARANG, March 19 - Former MP Jamiat Islami, Pakistan asserted that aqidah, iman, and akhlak are the primary responsibilities of every Muslim in addition to attract people to the route to Allah and referring to the messages of the prophets. He stressed that the Islamic unity of people with differe [ ... ]

Tunisia inspired the Arab Spring awakening
21 Mar 2015 03:05

MARANG, March 20: "Women Palestinians try to seize opportunities as martyrs (death for Allah) in various ways, including as suicide bombers. If we have a child, that child would certainly be al Aqsa liberator or Hamas fighters against the Zionist regime which has robbed our country illegally and t [ ... ]

Youths of the Ummah Future
21 Mar 2015 02:38

MARANG, March 21 - Speech in conjunction with the Third International Ijtima’ for Ummah Solidarity last night saw the representative of Libya, Dr. Wanis Al-Mabruq stressed the importance of paying attention to the youth, because they are the future of ummah. He urged Muslims to refer back to th [ ... ]

Three Principles to Develop an Islamic Country
21 Mar 2015 01:59

March 20, 2015, MARANG – A representative from Saadat Party of Turkey, in his speech tonight urged Muslims to treat ummah unity as a priority. According to him, Muslim countries todays have been separated by the Great Powers. Temer Karamullah Uglu outlined three principles that should be follow [ ... ]

Hudud, a punishment to educate
20 Mar 2015 16:29

MARANG, March 20 - Hudud is an educational Islamic law, not a cruel punishment. This is asserted by YB Dato’ Nasaruddin Daud  in Maghrib lecture in conjunction of the Third International Ijtima’ for Ummah Solidarity here. According to him, the hudud law applies only to Muslims and can not be [ ... ]

Leisure Activities for Muslimat, Fun for Kids
20 Mar 2015 14:45

MARANG, March 20 - Cheerful and colorful. Several contests had been organized to celebrate women and children during the Ijtima’. The contests were took place at Banat Hall, Rusila. The contests include the cake decorating, calligraphy writing, and creative weaving for the Muslimat; and color [ ... ]

Wa Qudsa An Urge for Ummah Unity - Tuan Guru Hj Hadi Awang
20 Mar 2015 14:05

MARANG, 20 MAC- International Ijtima’ for Ummah Solidarity which was officiated by the Vice President  of the International Union for Muslim Scholars, Tuan Guru YB Dato' Seri Hj. Hj Abdul Hadi Awang this morning welcome all Islamic movement delegates from the countries around the world to Malay [ ... ]

For Qudsi, Let Us Unite!
20 Mar 2015 06:33For Qudsi, Let Us Unite!

MARANG - "This mass gathering (Ijtima’) shows our commitment to the freedom of Al-Aqsa, which is the first Qibla of Muslims. It is also a signal as well as the statement that we are all together befriends with the Palestinians. We might not save Al-Aqsa by sacrificing the lives and blood; but I  [ ... ]

No Barriers for Ulama’ to Lead the Country
20 Mar 2015 05:24

March 19, 2015, MARANG - "There is no book that requires Ulama’ as a leader, because Ulama’ are the inheritors of the prophets. Therefore, helping the society to understand Islamic Law is a noble task. Hence, if we were given chance to choose a leader, please choose a leader among the Ulama’ [ ... ]

Islam is the Utmost Important Business in Life - Ustaz Abdullah Hussain
20 Mar 2015 02:14

"The struggle of Islam is more important than any other world affairs," Ustaz Abdullah Hussain stressed this point in the Subuh Lecture delivered at Masjid Rusila this early morning. "When we prioritize the work of the Jamaah to bring victory to Islam, all the world affairs will be simplified by  [ ... ]

Islam Had Been Attacked from Outside and Inside
20 Mar 2015 01:05

KUALA TERENGGANU - Vice President of the International Union of Muslim Scholars, Dato’ Tuan Guru Haji Abdul Hadi Awang welcomed all attendees and international guests to the Third International Ijtima’ for Ummah Solidarity. He said that Terengganu is a territory that was once colonized by the [ ... ]

Pre-Ijtima’ Program Entertained Ijtima’ Visitors
19 Mar 2015 16:04

March 19, 2015, MARANG – Pre-Ijtima’ program was held prior to the Third International Ijtima’ of Ummah Solidarity launching last night which hosted by local famous ex-comedian now a freelance preacher, Brother Bob Lokman. His chatty style in chairing the program had enlivened the Pre-Ijtim [ ... ]

Sadaqah Will Strengthen The Jamaah
19 Mar 2015 15:47

MARANG - "Islam will keep its strength if wealthy people contributed to Islam, the scholars practice their knowledge, ignorant people who are not arrogant and admit their ignorance, and the poor does not sell religious for his lust" said the Chief of Pahang PAS Scholars Council, Ustaz Mokhtar Seni [ ... ]

560 Motorcycles, 5 Vans and 4 Shuttle Bus Free Service to carry the Ijtima' Visitors
19 Mar 2015 09:52

MARANG - The Secretariat of the Third International Ijtima' for Ummah Solidarity has provided free shuttle transportation service from parking recommended by the secretariat to the program site. This service will start from Cendering Crossroad to Petronas station on March 20 Friday, from 7am unti [ ... ]

Rusila is crowded by people
19 Mar 2015 09:20

March 19, 2015, MARANG - Until this afternoon, guests from across the country have begun to gather and register at Masjid Rusila starting from 9 o'clock this morning. Among those attendees are PAS members from East Malaysia, which are Sabah and Sarawak. They are also be there to enliven the mass  [ ... ]

PAS Youth will organize a photography contest in conjunction with the Third and International Ijtima...
17 Mar 2015 14:16PAS Youth will organize a photography contest in conjunction with the Third and International Ijtima’ for Ummah Solidarity on 19 to 22 March 2015.

PAS Youth will organize a photography contest in conjunction with the Third and International Ijtima’ for Ummah Solidarity on 19 to 22 March 2015.   Terms and conditions of the competition as stated below:   1. We, as the Ijtima’ Secretariat invites all photography lovers to join the pho [ ... ]

16 Mar 2015 23:53

In a few days, Terengganu will become an international focal point as the Vice President of the International Union of Muslim Scholars Office will organize the Third International Ijtima’ for Ummah Solidarity at Rusila Mosque.   This is the third Ijtima’ organized at the same place after the  [ ... ]

14 Mar 2015 16:31

KUALA TERENGGANU – The Director of the Third International Ijtima’ for Ummah Solidarity, Haji Hussin Ismail said, other than the conference sessions and public speaking, several events had been listed which might offers alternative entertainment for the 'young people'. He also said, a famous  [ ... ]

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