Three Principles to Develop an Islamic Country

March 20, 2015, MARANG – A representative from Saadat Party of Turkey, in his speech tonight urged Muslims to treat ummah unity as a priority. According to him, Muslim countries todays have been separated by the Great Powers.

Temer Karamullah Uglu outlined three principles that should be followed to become a more structured and powerful nation, which started with improving moral values of​Muslims themselves.

He also proposed that Muslims should build in the economic sphere, through the mastery in the field of technology, industry, food industry, chemical, and space science. Employees should earn a reasonable salary that match with their work burden.

Third, we should unite and does not foolhardiness follow the Great Powers’ commands. Each problem arises should be solved within the community itself, without any outside intervention.

Temer was an attendee in the Second International Ijtima’ few years back, also reminded us on the disagreement among Muslims which is a very sad scenario as the result of the absence of peace and prosperity in the community, unless they go back to the real teachings of Islam.



21-22 March 2015
Kuala Ibai, Terengganu, Malaysia






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