Youths of the Ummah Future

MARANG, March 21 - Speech in conjunction with the Third International Ijtima’ for Ummah Solidarity last night saw the representative of Libya, Dr. Wanis Al-Mabruq stressed the importance of paying attention to the youth, because they are the future of ummah.

He urged Muslims to refer back to the glorious history of Islam when the great figures such as Sultan Muhammad Al-Fateh who successfully created extraordinary history at a young age.

Ijtihad Ulama' committee member also stressed the duty to deliver the message of Islam on every Muslim, whether male or female. The best words and speeches are when we convey the message of Islam, as da’wa is the most loved by Allah.

Before ending his speech, Dr.Wanis told us to keep a relationship with Al-Quran. Learn, understand, approach Al-Quran and mosques and mix women with good morals.



21-22 March 2015
Kuala Ibai, Terengganu, Malaysia






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