Tunisia inspired the Arab Spring awakening

MARANG, March 20: "Women Palestinians try to seize opportunities as martyrs (death for Allah) in various ways, including as suicide bombers. If we have a child, that child would certainly be al Aqsa liberator or Hamas fighters against the Zionist regime which has robbed our country illegally and terrorizing women with physical or mental torture forcibly "said master holder of Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, Sumayyah  from Gaza.

She is the representative of Palestinian non-governmental organizations whose branches in Malaysia, shared her experience in Palestine and saw active involvement among women. Nearly 90 percent of this group join the community service as well as help each other to liberate Palestine.

Sumayyah is one of the international young speaker who graced the woman oration stage with her speech on Third International Ijtima’ for Ummah Solidarity at Tok Guru Hall, this afternoon. This speech was also attended by Chief of PAS Women Council, YB Ustazah Siti Zailah.

This program is organized to expose the women to involve at the international political stage as well as to exchange ideas and experience to face current issues raised by the Islamic movement opposition in Tunisia, Maldives and Palestine.

"Women there are treated equally as Muslims in politics. With the aim of suppressing Islamic movements so that women are not given the right to contest the elections but also imprisonment. We also established a confidential muslimat movement on campus and in the community as well as non-governmental organizations (NGOs). "said the Chief of Woman of Tunisia Annahdah Party, Sister Wahidah.

"The aim of this movement was launched to encourage women involved in politics and fight for homeland so that they feel the same accountability as men in developing countries".

"The government established " Tanasuf " law  to restrict our movement whereby the seat must be represented by male and female representatives of party  in same number for election. However, an-Nahdhoh is the first party who sent women representatives to participate in the election and two candidates have been appointed as a minister, "he said.

PhD graduate from University of Monash, sister Fatma Said also advised women in Malaysia to stand on their own identity, besides identifying the ideology and thoughts brought by the enemy of Islam, especially the Jews who tried to destroy the belief among the sisters.

"Muslims, especially women, should be proud and defend ourselves and avoid labeling to each other  in performing the work of Islam to avoid a split between us," said the Chief of woman of Party's Aadaalah.

The speech by orators always advised women to participate in politics alongside men to uphold Islam on the earth. The speaker also emphasized the effort to deliver the message of Islam to communities especially the woman as it has been done by the sahabiah since the time of Rasulullah saw.

Chief of PAS Woman Council ended the slot this afternoon. She stressed the importance of ukhuwwah among the women in upholding Islam and she reminded us that enemies of Islam try to disturb our struggle.

"I want to see ukhuwwah Islamiah between us is kept well so that we can feel Islam admins Malaysia and build character through Islamic movement programs and took lesson from the past history in the struggle of  Islam"she said.

The excitement of speaker on International Ijtima’ stage was greeted enthusiastically and they thanked women Malaysia for their appreciation.


21-22 March 2015
Kuala Ibai, Terengganu, Malaysia






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