Tunisia inspired the Arab Spring awakening

MARANG, 21 March– The speaker from Tunisia, Dr Sohbi represented the An- Nahdhah party and delivered his speech in Rusila, which stated that Tunisia had went through two phases; the first was da’wa movement following with the development of Islam in the country, and second was the political movements in the struggle to uphold Islam there.

He informed that the government harshly ruled Burgiva and they did not care much on the practice of Islam in the people’s everyday life. The worst thing was the government then changed to the Western governing style which ultimately damaged the country's education system. Tunisia, has 11 million inhabitants located in Africa between the Mediterranean Sea and the Sahara Desert.

"The rise of Tunisia began when people were not satisfied with the administration of President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali in 2010 which involved in a number of controversial issues including corruption, high rates of inflation, unemployment, and social problems. Tunisia has become an inspiration for other Arab countries to rise up and rebel to overthrow the dictatorial government, or known as 'Arab Spring' ".

"Most of the main An-Nahdah leaders were imprisoned and banished from their country. When we won the elections with a combination of two small parties, we were challenged by an attempt to sabotage the government, and immoral actions of the enemy of Islam. Now, An-Nahdah is no longer a government but we still continue to reveal the truth. The voice of the people and their support are always accompanying our struggle. It was encouraging." he said.

He praised the struggle of Islam in Malaysia and urged Muslims to participate in any Islamic movements worldwide. He advised the preachers to deliver the Islamic messages without violence, but to encourage dialogue and meetings in unlocking problems.

Representative from Tunisia and some other countries such as Bangladesh and Palestine will enliven the today’s event in Tok Guru Hall with their enthusiastic speeches in front of thousands of Muslim attendees from all over the world whom gathered in Rusila during the Third International Ijtima’ for Ummah Solidarity.



21-22 March 2015
Kuala Ibai, Terengganu, Malaysia






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