The release of Al-Aqsa responsibility of all

RUSILA, March 21 - Sheikh Ahmed Ayesh Annajar, permanent ambassador to Malaysia Hamas insists every Muslim must contribute to the liberation of Palestine, especially Al Aqsa mosque from Zionist clutches.

While talking in the astral conjunction 'World Scholars in Marang, he reminds Muslims to give attention to the Palestinian issue because it is a common issue and not just be shouldered by the Palestinians alone.

"Allah reminds us to give attention to al-Aqsa issue which is a common issue for us to give support to. Baitulmaqdis was the first Qiblat of Muslims and the place where the Prophet experienced the event of Isra Mikraj. It belongs to all Muslims."

Hamas representatives have urged Malaysians to be strong in facing the intense flood as a test given by God besides remembering the suffering and hardship of the Palestinian people who are in the grip of Zionists for decades.

He declared Zionist hatred to Islam has been applied to the souls of the children while they are still small when they encourage their children to save to destroy Al-Aqsa.

"Every Zionist family encourages their children to have a saving fund with the aim to destroy the Aqsa Mosque."



21-22 March 2015
Kuala Ibai, Terengganu, Malaysia






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